Thursday, September 8, 2011

I Love My Job

We enjoyed the Shannonville World's Fair in August. The kids entered some crafts and baking and won some prize money. I have to boast just a little about Esther's pencil drawing entry. She entered it in the youth category and won first prize.

At first she wasn't sure but by the third time around she was laughing and waving at us.

Anna is saying many English words now which probably only we would understand for now. She loves all the kids but right now she seems quite taken with Jacob or "Jada" as she calls him. And he is quite happy about this. The kids all think she is the cutest child ever.

I love being Mom to this awesome bunch. This is my career. I also love going to church together as a family. They actually are happy about going to church, but not so happy about getting a picture taken.


We started homeschooling again this week and things have gone well so far. A bit of phonics, a bit of multiplication review, some exponential notation, and some Algebra review. I am going to be a pretty smart lady one day.

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  1. Oh my dear, what a beautiful family picture! I can't get over how your eldest looks like your hubby. And your little girly is saying words now, that is fabulous! Love that drawing too, well done on winning first prize!