Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Journey

We began the adoption process with our homestudy in January of 2009.  In August of 2010 we received approval by the Ministry of Ontario and began working on our dossier for China.  This included a huge amount of paperwork that was finally completed in January of this year and was sent to The Children's Bridge in Ottawa.  Soon after it was sent by them to China.  Things began to move along more quickly after this.  It was only about three weeks before we received a call saying they had a referral for a little girl in Xinjiang Province for us.  It was then that we were introduce to Xin Jing Zhi, whom we now call Anna. 
The journey didn't actually begin in January 2009 but many years before.  I have  had a desire tucked away in my heart for a long time to adopt and Mark and I discussed it occasionally over the years.  Many different circumstances have played a part in making this decision and often it has been the difficult times in life when I have felt most strongly that God has a greater purpose for our lives than we ever imagine.   We feel tremendously blessed and the gift of our family has been such a source of joy for us and we desire to share our blessings with Anna.  As the day approaches we are humbled  and overjoyed that this little girl will be our daughter.

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