Saturday, June 25, 2011

Off to Urumqi

It is probably due to the heavy rain the day before we arrived but I was expecting to be choking from smog. Hasn't been too bad out. Learned quickly yesterday that even if the pedestrian light is on that turning traffic still have the right of way! Having breakfast at our hotel in downtown Beijing overlooking one of the streets. Still hard to believe we are here. We fly out to where Anna is in a few hours although we won't see her until tomorrow. Again, it's starting to sink in about what we are doing. Anna is quickly moving from an abstract concept to reality. God is giving us an extreme responsibility to raise this child as our own and we are both contemplative and very excited about it all.


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  1. My prayers are with you & Vicki & Ester.May Monday be the wonderful beginning of your new life with Anna.

  2. yeah i couldn't even wonder what must be going on in your guys heads right now. Amazing and crazy all at the same time. But i know when you see her it will be great. God bless and safe travels.


  3. Hey Guys!! John and I are so EXCITED for you! Look forward to seeing you again real soon!

  4. We are so excited for you!!!! What a great way to share your experience too!! Love from home,
    Janet and fam

  5. I would imagine you have Anna now. Praying that the transition goes smoothly and the attachment is an easy one for you all. God is good, He has chosen you as her family. How incredible.

    Can't wait to hear more!


  6. the leemings sent this monday morning:
    "Don't have access to wireless so I can't do the blog. I have so many good pictures! She is so darn cute! Cried a lot at first then went into the shellshocked state but just a few hours ago she completely change and she laughs and smiles all the time!"
    the vb's

  7. leemings sent this as part of a msg to the kids today:
    "Anna is wonderful and so cute, no she does not cry alot but still gets very shy with us. She likes Mom. You will love her she has been great. Can't wait for you all to meet her."

  8. Thanks to Leemings' friends for the update on the new family! Mark's co-workers have been anxiously awaiting the news and we are thrilled to hear that all is going well!

  9. Ohhh, great news!

    I really shouldn't compare, but it sounds so much like our forever family day with Lilah! ...tears, shock/shutdown, and then she went on to show us those smiles a few hours later, it was awesome! And Anna will gradually show you her sweet little self as she opens up. It is amazing. You have no appreciation of what these little ones go through, they are so brave.

    Give her lots and lots of hugs and loving. And some from us here in Ottawa too.

    "For this child I prayed..."


  10. hey,

    Looks like there are no more updates. I know all is going well. Things at the house are great worries. Talk to you later,