Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Fractured Arm!

After talking with an Australian couple here at the hotel who happen to both be doctors Vicki took Esther to a clinic. Xray's were taken and yes, she fractured her arm the other night.

I think when we get back home we will need to buy Anna a soother? What a little character. My other kids back home are going to love her.

Tomorrow we're going to visit the orphanage that Anna was at before we got her. Previously we were told she was raised by a foster family in Urumqi but........
Actually, we were given their website a few hours ago so check it out. You can even see Anna in one of the pictures. Her name at the orphanage was Wanda.

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  1. Too bad....had to go all the way to China to break her arm! At least both my kids had the decency to break their arm at home! : )
    Esther must be very tough to be able to go so long with a fracture. Charlie had a long cast like that so that ususally means that both the radius and ulna bones are fractured. She's probably already bounced back and living life as nomral. Tell Esther to 'take care'

  2. Everyday I check the blog to read the latest happenings in Leemingville. Its excitng, funny, and wonderful all at once! Mark, I print everything, and take it to work to share with your co-workers. We'll be following your travels. So sorry to hear of Esther's mishap.

  3. Tanya Stapley-WilsonJuly 7, 2011 at 2:38 PM

    Oh no poor Esther.. Hope you feel better soon and mend quickly. Love the pictures and the journal entries. See you all soon.

  4. Oh Esther! Feel better soon sweetie and we are praying for speedy healing! I've broken plenty (just ask mr. Vanberkle). I found it most comfortable if I put a pillow between me and the cast.
    Can't wait to see you all when you get home and share our adoption story. Looks like we are both going to havw new little girls!

  5. Ps- matt saw the size of the cast and wants to know if Esther fell OFF the great wall. It's almost bugger than she is!