Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Grateful for the blessings

Mark has done most of the posts so I will take a turn now.
For the first week we were here I couldn't believe we were really in China. I have enjoyed our time here very much. Being in a different culture and meeting people from not only China but Iran, Australia, Holland and Germany has been wonderful. I am so used to being stuck in Melrose.
Of course, best of all is getting to know Anna. She is very smart and funny. Also full of energy. A precious little girl. My time here has been very emotional, at times stressful and I am missing our other 3 kids so much. I can't wait to see them and introduce them to Anna. It will be wonderful to have our family all together. I am very thankful for our kids, each one is such a blessing. I could not feel richer if I was handed a million dollars.
I am so very blessed!

P. S This is Mark. I agree with Vicki. I'm missing our other kids although a million dollars would be nice. :)

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