Friday, July 1, 2011

Summary of Urumqi

We arrived back in Beijing Friday evening. Our flight was delayed about three ours because there had been heavy rain in Beijing.
Since we were unable to get on the blog while we were in Urumqi I will give a summary of how our week went.
Monday was the day we were to receive Anna so at 9:30 am we went to the Civil Affairs office and began doing some paperwork. Within about 10 minutes two women came to the door carrying Anna. We were quite surprised because we had actually seen Anna with her foster mother at the airport the day before but we did not realize this was her. It was a very exciting time, needless to say, but as soon as her foster mother left Anna was very upset. After crying a while she was just very quiet the rest of the time and kept looking us over very intently.
It was a busy day of paperwork at different offices and photos for her passport.
That evening back at the hotel she began to play with some blocks with Esther. We all joined in and soon she was smiling and laughing. It was quite a wonderful time.
She is a very happy little girl and has done very well considering our days have been busy.
On Wednesday our guide Jane took us to the Urumqi Museum. It was very interesting. We learned about the many different ethnic groups within the Xinjiang Province. The Han people are the minority here. This is Anna's ethnic background. There are many other different people groups here that are mainly Muslim. Different from the rest of China. We also saw several ancient mummies.
Today we have some immigration paperwork to do. We are very thankful for our guide Lily to help us with everything here in Beijing.
We are enjoying our time but missing the kids very much.


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