Thursday, July 7, 2011

Going Home!!!!!!!

Yesterday we went to Anna's orphanage and it was a great experience. Last night and this morning I tried to upload photo's to this blog but failed. I'll do it when we get back to Canada. Speaking of Canada we are getting on a plane in eight hours and heading for home! It has been a great experience here but we are dying to get home and see our other kids. We miss them so much!!!!!
Thanks to all who have been following this blog but please don't stop as I'll be doing regular updates for a while. Special thanks to the Vanberkels, Batelaans, Powlings and Vicki's father who have been taking care of our other kids while we've been gone! And oh yes, Dan who has been house sitting for us.




  1. Bringing Anna home across the Pacific to join your family is quite a head rush.

  2. Can't wait to meet Anna

  3. welcome home leeming family!
    :o) holly